Sealants for civil construction


Sababuild® 450 is a 1-component MS polymer-based sealant for sealing (working) joints in interior applications such as sealing ceiling, wall and window frame joints, cavity wall inner leaves, stairwells and joints in spaces in conformity with HACCP.


Sababuild® 650 is a 1-component MS polymer-based sealant for sealing (working) joints in facades. Can be used to seal poured or prefab concrete facade elements, connection joints in brickwork, connection joints in reinforced concrete lintels or connection joints in metal, aluminum and/or synthetic frames.

Sabaprotect M500

Sabaprotect M500 is a 1-component, smoke-resistant and fire-resistant, permanently elastic (air) moisture-curing MS polymer-based sealant. Sabaprotect M500 is primarily suited for smoke-resistant and fire-resistant (fire-resistant for up to 120 minutes) sealing of (dilatation) joints up to 50 mm wide, for example between stony materials and connections of stone walls with window frames of steel or wood.


Sabadrain is a 1-component, elastic, (air) moisture-curing MS polymer-based sealant for sealing joints around stainless steel drain gutters in sanitary areas.

Sabatack® Fast

Sabatack® Fast is a boosted construction adhesive, permanently elastic, (air) moisture-curing based on MS-polymer.