Special products

SealMaster Dust Suppressant & Soil Stabilizer

The Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic Synthetic Polymer Emulsion
SealMaster® Dust Suppressant and Soil Stabilizer is a synthetic polymer emulsion concentrate consisting of a combination of carefully selected polymers designed specifically for dust palliative and soil stabilization applications. Provides superior bonding and stabilizing for lasting performance. • Dust control and palliative for both traffic and non-traffic applications

• Sub-base stabilizer – mixed up to 15 cm deep
• Hydroseed and Mulch Tackifier
• Slope Erosion Control
• Stock Pile Sealant and Dust Cap
• Unpaved Road Stabilizer
• ADA Trails and Cart Paths
• Walking Path & Trail Stabilizer
• Agricultural Roads
• Helicopter & Aircraft Runway Stabilizer
• Military Operations
• Quarries and Gravel Roads
• Construction Sites
• Heavy Haul Roads
• Gravel Parking Lot Stabilizer

Avilable in 208 liter drums