Tools and equipment

Sealmaster Hand Tamper

The ideal tool for small patchwork and tamping.

Sealmaster Squeeges

These heavy duty neoprene rubber sealcoating squeeges are available in 60 – 90 cm wide. Neoprene refills also available.

Sealmaster U-Shape, V-Shape

Crackfilling Squeegees.

Sealmaster Sandliner

This unit is hand held by design for ultimate mobility and ease of use. The absence of cumbersome wheels means that youwont track trough molten crack filler or struggle with a needlessly awkward or heavy device.

Sealer Wheeler

The Sealer Wheeler is an economical mixing and dispensing unit that is ideal for pavement sealers, tennis court coatings, and many other uses. Available sizes 200L and 100L.

Sealmaster Sand Pump II

The portable solution for spraying equipment sealers with sand. Also ideal for cleaning cracks, applying cold pour crack sealants and water base tack coat.

Sealmaster Crack Pro Turbo

Cleans and dries cracks in one motion. Highly maneuverable.

Sealmaster MA-10 Melter Applicator

Ideal for melting and applying CrackMaster™ Supreme Direct-Fire Crack Sealant Size 38L.

Billy Goat Grazor

An industry favorite for cleaning cracks prior to crack sealing.
Features: 20cm twisted wire brush and 4 H.P. Honda GX engine.