About Us

Stradacon OÜ offers high-performance sealants for pavements and civil & environmental engineering. Our company has been offering distribution and installation services since 2006 and constantly upgrading the list of products and services to offer the best solutions and products. Our product list includes different options for sealing joints and cracks in concrete and asphalt pavements in road building, parking facilities and chemically hazardous projects like petrol stations, fuel tanks, silos, chemical factories etc.

We also offer different coatings for concrete and asphalt surfaces for their protection and renovation, coatings for vertical and horizontal surfaces (roads, parking facilities, liquid-tight coatings on factory floors, storage rooms, silos, tanks and agricultural facilities for protecting soil from hazardous leaks. High-quality liquid-tight materials enable to dramatically prolong the service age of the facility or construction and to lower the maintenance costs. The materials offered are either bitumen based, polysulphide or MS polymer based. Due to their newest technology they are fast and easily applied.

Tell us about the project and ask for advice and offer at info@stradacon.ee


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