Concrete repair

SABA Crackfill is a 2-component, self-levelling coating based upon epoxy polysulphide.

SABA Crackfill is especially suited for the sealing and repair of static and dynamic contraction cracks, joints that move slightly and cracks that form spontaneously in concrete and sand cement floating floors and as a coating for floors.

SABA Flexfill , 2 component , self levelling casting compound


SABA Flexfill is a 2-component, self-levelling, solvent-free, abrasion-resistant, permanently elastic and UV-stable polyurethane-urea-based casting compound. Easy to process with robust characteristics. Suitable for the functional filling of gaps in paving structures made of (prefab) concrete elements, possibly with transitions between concrete and asphalt concrete. Evens transitions between floor elements, reducing shocks to forklifts and other traffic, and limiting noise.

SABA Flexform is a 2-component, filler based upon epoxy polysulphide.

SABA Flexform is especially appropriate for use as a repair/smoothing mortar and for the application of liquid-proof barriers on concrete in industrial and other floors.