Marking paints for roads

Sealmaster Liquid Thermoplastic traffic paint

High Performance Traffic Marking Paint. Cold spray-applied featuring hot-applied thermoplastic performance. Applied with standard airless spray equipment.

Available in 32,65 kg pail .

Colors Available

White Yellow Blue Red

Sealmaster Acrylic traffic paint

High performance 100% acrylic emulsion paint designed for bright, durable traffic markings on asphalt or concrete roadways and parking lots. Available in white or yellow packing 29,48 kg pail.

Sealmaster Fast Dry paint

High solids 100% acrylic traffic paint. Dries in less than 5 minutes. Available in white and yellow, packing 32,65 kg pail.

Fireline Red

Designed for marking firelane areas on parking lots. 100% acrylic emulsion paint. Bright, vibrant color.

Handicap Blue

Designed for ADA compliance. 100% acrylic emulsion paint. Formulated for lasting durability.Available in 27,2 kg pail.

Line Block out paint

Black 100% acrylic marking paint designed to block out unwanted lines. Ideal for changing traffic patterns on parking lots. Available in 24,94 kg pail.