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SABA Crackfill 2-komponentne isetasanduv kattematerjal

SABA Crackfill is a 2-component, self-levelling coating based upon epoxy polysulphide.

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SABA Flexfill 2-komponentne isetasanduv parandus- ja täitematerjal


SABA Flexfill 2 component, self-levelling casting compound

SABA Flexform 2-komponentne pahtel

SABA Flexform is a 2-component, filler based upon epoxy polysulphide.

Sealmaster Concrete patch

A 100% acrylic heavy-bodied trowel grade patch material designed for filling larger cracks up to 2,5 cm wide in concrete surfaces. Concrete Patch can also be used to fill and repair damaged and spalled areas in concrete up to 1 cm deep. Available in 18,9 liter pails.